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Aerator Pumps

It is vital to maintain a very high level of oxygen in a koi or water garden pond. The oxygen content of any koi pond is subject to large variations due, in large part, to plants and algae which produce oxygen during the day then, at night they consume most of the available oxygen.

This natural cycle depletes nearly all of the oxygen supply. The survival of the fish and other living organisms is especially endangered during the early hours of the day. The oxygen depletion problem is magnified through dead algae, plants, or superfluous fish food, particularly in warm water. These microorganisms use up an enormous amount of oxygen. This reduces the oxygen level for the fish and other organisms, thereby threatening their survival.

Pond aeration is essential component to help ensure a healthy living environment for your Koi and goldfish. Without sufficient oxygen, a Koi pond is an accident waiting to happen. As authorized dealers for several leading manufacturers, we take pride in offering the largest selection of quality pond air pumps and aeration accessories at the lowest prices online.

The quality pond aerator pumps we offer are well known for providing years of reliable use, high performance, and whisper quiet operation.

Some of our best selling and recommended pond aeration pumps include;

  • Alita Air Pumps BEST SELLER!
  • Laguna Air Pump Kits NEW!
  • Medo Air Pumps
  • Dolphin Air Pumps
  • EasyPro Air Pumps
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