Matala Media Rolls

Matala Media Rolls

Matala Media Rolls from Matala USA are an amazing biological media designed specifically for pond filters. It's designed to be used in both biological and mechanical filters and comes in varying densities to suit your needs. It's very lightweight, it's easy to cut and use in conjunction with other densities of media. It's designed to trap particulates and debris and provides a huge surface for beneficial bacteria to populate.

Rhe 6" thick rolls are the perfect size to capture particulate matter are super easy to clean.

Round Matala come in 11 sizes 17", 18", 22", 24", 27", 30", 32", 33", 37", 42" and 48 inch.

Matala Biological surface area for microbial growth Free volume, % open space

Black 62 square feet per cubic foot 92%

Green 96 square feet per cubic foot 93%

Blue 124 square feet per cubic foot 94%

Grey 171 square feet per cubic foot 94%

Low Density BLACK Matala Filter Media

Due to it's strong sturdy design, it's great as a support for all other media densities. Great for use in a pond filter settling chamber where the it can slow down and trap algae and large particulate matter. You can use a hose to wash off Green or Black filter media, the dirt and muck will fall right off.

Medium Density GREEN Matala Filter Media

The Green Filter Media traps a medium size particle. Really easy to clean, just shake out the pieces before draining the filters sump. Use a garden hose to wash clean.

High Density BLUE Matala Filter Media

The Blue filter media will filter out a smaller particulates and maintain an excellent flow. In larger pond filter systems all four types can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids.

Super High Density GREY Matala Filter Media

Grey Filter media will filter the smallest particles and maintain flow

Best Practice

The best situation for Matala Filter Media is if it is standing up in a vertical position rather than laying flat. It allows for better flow, and is a bit easier to clean. Try to stagger the Filter media vertically with varied filter media densities to achieve the most optimal removal of particles. Try using a Green next to a Grey which will give good flow around the Grey media yet trap solids in the Green one.


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