Matala Filter Media Sheets - Black


Matala Filter Media Sheets - Black

Matala filter media is expensive, but definitely worth it for some applications! Made of rigid fiber compounds, it is used in many applications in the aquaculture and koi pond markets. It is excellent for removing solid wastes and, unlike other filter padding, totally resists compression!

The solid fibers are very resistant to sludge build-up and clogging, making cleaning easy. It also features a lot of surface area, so it is very good for biological filtration.

Great for low-pressure, gravity-fed filters and skimmers, Matala filter media is positively buoyant and may require anchoring in submersed applications.

Full sheets: 48" x 39" x 1-1/2

Half Sheets: 24" x 39" x 1-1/2

The original high quality filter media design for Aquaculture, koi pond & wastewater.

  • Great for both mechanical and biological filtration.
  • Rigid but still flexible Maintain aerobic distribution of waterflow & prevents channeling.
  • Very high available surface area.
  • Easy to cut.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Long life and Eco-friendly products.
  • Matala filtration media is weather and chemical resistant.

Black Matala Specifications:

  • Fiber Diameter: 1.65 mm fiber dia.
  • Low Density - 92% Free volume open space
  • Biological surface area for microbial growth: 62 square feet per cubic foot


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HALFBLK Black Matala Half Sheet Was $32.00$28.00 20 Add to Cart
BLKMAT Black Matala Full Sheet Was $64.00$54.00 50 Add to Cart
MATBLK-12 Black Matala Half Sheet - 2 Count Special Was $77.84$72.95 70 Ships 4 Free
MATMIX-4 Matala Mix - Blk Grn Blue Grey - 4 Half Sheets Special Was $174.45$163.95 100 Ships 4 Free
MATBLK-4 Black Matala Full Sheet - 4 Count Special - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $256.00$216.00 200 Add to Cart
MATMIX-8 Matala Mix - Blk Grn Blue Grey - 4 Full Sheets Special - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $271.00$228.00 200 Add to Cart
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