Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pumps


Supreme PondMaster Pumps are ideal for water gardens, ponds, and statuary.

Made in the USA, Pondmaster pumps feature energy an energy-efficient mag-drive design and carry a 3-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

These pumps also use half the electricity of conventional pumps!

Completely submersible.

Can be used inline as well.

No maintenance with only one moving part. Fish safe and not oil filled.


-Reliable - foam pre-filter prevents pump from clogging
-Fish safe - made with environmentally friendly materials
-Epoxy-encapsulated motor
-Not oil filled
-All pumps can be used for in-line application - please note that these are NOT suction pumps - if used in-line, the pump must be installed below the pond water level to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of water
-3-year manufacturer's limited warranty (warranty does not cover foam pre-filter and pump impeller)

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Item # Description Price Points  
PMP-250 Pondmaster 250GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $65.98$59.99 50 Ships 4 Free
PMP-350 Pondmaster 350GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $76.98$69.99 60 Ships 4 Free
PMP-500 Pondmaster 500GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $84.49$79.99 70 Ships 4 Free
PMP-700 Pondmaster 700GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $98.99$89.99 70 Ships 4 Free
PMP-950 Pondmaster 950GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $126.99$114.99 90 Ships 4 Free
PMP-1200 Pondmaster 1200GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $168.49$154.99 100 Ships 4 Free
PMP-1800 Pondmaster 1800GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $203.49$184.99 100 Ships 4 Free
PMP-2400 Pondmaster 2400GPH Mag-Drive Pump Was $236.49$214.99 200 Ships 4 Free
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