Variable Frequency Drive Panels


Variable Frequency Drive Panels

ShinMaywa Variable Frequency Drive Panels
allows use of three phase motors in single phase applications. These quality units feature speed knob for variable speed control and automatic shut-off if pump is clogged. Timer also included. ShinMaywa 3-phase variable speed pump control panels offer the ability to use three phase industrial duty motors in single phase residential applications. These panels allow the home owner more control over the flow and feel of their water feature. Three phase motors are far superior to single phase residential motors because they are more efficient than single phase, they last longer than single phase motors, they have only one moving part which reduces wear and increases longevity. No light dimming in rush current Pump "soft starts" and "soft stops", significantly extending the useful life of your pump. Superior motor overload protection, as well as voltage and power loss protection Senses faults and shorts circuits and shuts down the pump in microseconds to prevent irreparable motor damage. Automatically senses pump clog and will shut the motor down to prevent damage. Provides ability to slow down motor at night realizing substantial power saving while maintaining critical circulation. Allows for much larger motors to be used in residential applications. Provides homeowner the ability to vary the speed of the pump achieving different look and noise levels for water features. Speed knob for variable speed control included.

* Speed knob for variable speed control
* Shuts off pump if clogged
* Timer

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Item # Description Price Points  
FP11-075 ShinMaywa 2 HP Variable Frequency Drive Panel Was $2,198.00$1,999.00 2000 Ships 4 Free
FP11-106 ShinMaywa 3 HP Variable Frequency Drive Panel Was $2,418.90$2,199.00 2200 Ships 4 Free
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