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AquaDyne 30000 Filter

The Aquadyne AD30000 - Model 8.8C filtration system is without doubt the most superior of all bead filters in its class. Boasting worry free maintenance on ponds up to 30,000 gallons. It moves filtration well into the commercial category, supporting extremely high pond or fish run water capacities with very heavy fish loads. This model includes the Dynamax air assisted backwash which makes this model extremely efficient in all ranges of waste loading. This unit will efficiently filter 30,000 gallons of water with up to 660 pounds of fish or other aquatic inhabitants. Even under the heaviest of waste loading, the Dynamax will break up a loaded media bed with ease. Easily suited for applications where high volume ponds, research applications, or aquariums need to have exceptional performance under the most abusive aquatic circumstances without breaking the bank. The large media bed allows for an excessive accumulation of beneficial bacteria to consume very high amounts of ammonia and nitrite.




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